Brothers, Brothels, and Blood

Darkness +1

Bedlam – Horror and Social Actions.

Tolben is a vicious, dark Elvish adept. He was shot during the attack on the Ancients, and suffers from 6 boxes of physical damage.

B A R S C I L W M E 4 7 5 4 2 1 2 4 3 2 – 1

Killing Hands Combat Awareness x 3 Quick Draw Enhanced Perception Cool Resolve

Shadowing 4 Close-Combat 3 Pistols 3 Automatics 4 Navigation 2

Athletics Group 2 Influence Group 2

Armor Jacket Ruger Super-Warhawk Ak-97 Carbine Ares S3 Supersquirt

Ana is a young, beautiful, brilliant, Elvish warrior, posing as a captured Ancient.

B A R S C I L W M E 2 7 4 3 6 4 4 4 0 4

Pistols 3 Blades 4 Close-Combat 4

Influence Group 5 Stealth Group 3

Lined Coat – Fire Resistance 3 Smartlink/Imagelink Glasses Trauma Patch Headware Comlink Breakable Tooth Compartment w/Poison Wired Reflexes 2


Mist rises.

Comm cuts out.

Chapter 1

The motorcycle is slowly riding forward, dragging a nearly-dead Leasa who was shot (TOlben) and then electrocuted by the bike. In order to hack the bike, Bedlam needs to interact with it physically. It is set to shock anyone who touches it, though, so he’ll need to succeed on a Perception -4 test. The roll to disable the security system is Hardware (5, 1 Minute). If he gets shocked, or he seems to be checking the guy on the ground, Tolben tries to surprise him with a blob of Leas.

Bedlam runs into a group of 6 incapacitated Ancients, one of which is Ana. If Tolben is alive, then she stays under cover.

Chapter 2

Fist and AIM are guarding Z’s body. AIM receives a distress signal from Bedlam, and sends out Fist to find him. Out in the middle of nowhere. She’s not going out by herself. Either fist grabs the body.

Tolben suggests that with GPS off, he should go scout. While he’s out, 2 zombies attack, and 1 of the Ancients.

Fist discovers the wraith, and they fight.

Tolben starts getting a little more weird, and decides to start torturing one of the ancients.

Fist and AIM fuck.

Ana questions Bedlam about his association with the Ancients and the Laesa. She tells Bedlam about the Laes, and offers to make him immune.

Chapter 3

Tolben becomes convinced that Bedlam and Ana are turning into zombies. Unless they can individually beat him on Charisma + Etiquette rolls, he will attack them. Otherwise, he will slink off into the woods to become a zombie.

Ana reveals that she is a commander in the Laesa, and promises great reward if Bedlam leads her to safety. Specifically, she can promise to give Bedlam exclusive rights to an entire year’s-worth of the Lael crop. This job comes with the responsibility of trafficing and payback, but comes with a wide array of installed contacts, and requires a return to the Laesa of 100NY per dose. The Laesa are expected to produce at least 5,000 doses, and probably more like 6,000. Payments can be handled monthly.

If Bedlam presses, she attempts to surprise him.

Chapter 4

Fist and AIM resume their search for Bedlam, and find him. AIM attempts to kill Bedlam, unless Fist

After what seems like it wil be a survival horror, he is attacked by a crack neonet squad that’s coming down on him from choppers. They’re wearing Hazmat suits, and dusting the place with

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