Robin uses magick by summoning up ancient powers which are impossible to fully understand, but can be manipulated through tricks passed down from mother to daughter for hundreds of generations. These ancient powers have likes and dislikes, agendas, secrets, and minds, but Robin knows only what she needs to know about these ancient powers to get them to do certain things. I’m generically calling these things “hexes,” though they have names that call them blessings, curses, or whatever.

Here’s how you do it out of game:
  1. Choose a type of hex (eg Flower Hexes, Sweetwater Hexes, etc) You will get all of the standard hexes listed for that type.
  2. Choose a Force Level. Higher Force means stronger hexes, but causes more drain to you. Standard Force Level to make really powerful hexes is 6 for you (because you’re a badass. They will drain you hard, though. If you want a weak hex, go with Force Level 3.
  3. Choose optional hexes. If you chose Force 6 during Step 2, you get to optional hexes. If you went with Force 3, you only get 1. Less than Force 3 means 0 optional hexes.
  4. Roll (Magic + Conjuring), and count hits.
  5. I roll against you with the Force that you chose. If you beat me, you have summoned the ancient power (Flower, Sweetwater, etc). You will be able to use hexes for that power until sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first. For every net hit you score on the roll, you can use 1 hex.
  6. The ancient power is summoned into a vessel (See Hex Type in question for details). The vessel is then used to perform specific hexes (See Hex in question for details).
  7. Hexes usually require rolls on your part, unless they are cast on someone far away. Even then, I might make you roll for it.
  8. If you use a hex on someone more than 600 meters away, then the power goes away (after the hex is cast), and you’ll have to summon it back if you want to use more hexes.

Flower Hexes

Strict Requirements: Dirt

Holding as little as a pinch of earth, Robin breathes life to a tiny white flower, which rises without seed. The flower and the dirt contain ancient power over the hearts of the forest’s souls and the terra from which they grow.

Refined Sacrifice: Empress Seed – Cost: 100, Availability: 6

The tallest tree in the forest has power. The first seed to fall from it is known as the “forest seed.” It’s gathered in the dirt that it falls onto. It’s then refined by carefully mixing potent herbs into the soil to induce a semi-fertilized state. When Robin spits into the soil and blows softly, the empress seed sprouts into a breathtakingly beautiful golden flower, which dies when the great power returns home, but leaves behind 5 petals.

Basic Hexes

Strega Herb Jar (Guard) (Force Targets)

To protect from random events and the environment.

Grassknot Hex (Binding) (1 Target)

To trip someone up and entangle their feet.

Mark of the Wood King (Movement) (1 Target)

To speed travel through wooded areas, or areas with heavy undergrowth.

Advanced Hexes

Branchlove Flower (Concealment) (Force Targets)

To make those traveling through wooded areas harder to notice.

Sweet Sweat Hex (Confusion) (1 Target)

To poison and confuse an enemy.

Oak Embrace (Engulf) (1 Target)

To make a tree, vine, or grasses grab and crush an enemy.

Abraisive Aspersion (Elemental Attack) (1 Target)

To create a brief but searing dust devil to abraise an enemy and clog his machinery with angry sand.

Squirrel-Hawk Curse (Fear) (1 Target)

To instill a powerful fear in the target for a particular person, place, or thing.

Sweetwater Hexes

Requirements: Water, Sugar

Traditionally used with a glass vial, a single fluid ounce of water takes becomes a glistening potion. Just a touch to the lips or skin can be enough to evoke the icy horrors of the deepest winter.

*Refined Sacrifice: Frigga’s Tears – Cost: ? Availability: ?

Basic Hexes

Waters of Mystery (Concealment) (Force Targets)

To make a target hard to notice, until touched by unfiltered sun.

Curse of Sweetwater’s Bliss (Confusion) (1 Target)

To poison and confuse an enemy.

Undertow Curse (Engulf) (1 Target)

To drown an enemy in a body of water.

Fishtail Dance (Movement) (1 Target)

To bless with easy and rapid swimming.

Advanced Hexes

Roman Jinx (Accident) (1 Target)

To curse an an enemy to drop items and slip.

Siren’s Curse (Binding) (1 Target)

To cause an underwater enemy to drown.

Winter’s Embrace (Elemental Attack) (1 Target)

To freeze an enemy or object solid.

Kiss for Old Man Winter (Energy Aura) (1 Target)

To make sweetwater or its imbiber dangerously cold to the touch.

Gratitude’s Grace (Guard) (Force Targets)

To protect from unintentional harm.

Stir Night Waters (Area of Effect)

To gradually raise a mist and lower the temperature, eventually causing snowfall.

Devilroot Hexes

Strict Requirements: Dirty Vegetable Matter

Stomping the ground while rubbing the filth of unwashed roots or hemp onto herself, Harlequin calls summons the jealous attentions of a dark hell.

Basic Hexes

Coat of the Hillsides (Concealment) (Force Targets)

To make people blend into hilly or underground areas.

Impatient Hell Chant (Engulf) (1 Target)

To open up the earth beneath an enemy to swallow them alive.

Brown Mark (Fear) (1 Target)

To mark someone or something as anathema to someone, driving them away.

Satan’s Nail (Guard) (Force Targets)

To protect from evil.

Knot of Dirty Hair (Magical Guard) (Force Targets)

To protect from harmful or unwanted magicks.

Grave Dirt Wisdom (Silence) (Area of Effect)

To quiet everything.

Advanced Hexes

Irishman’s Curse (Accident) (1 Target)

To make an enemy accidentally destroy something important to him.

Word of 600 Snakes(Confusion) (1 Target)

To terrify an enemy with hallucinations of vermin.

Downward Doorway (Movement) (1 Target)

To open a tunnel into the earth.

Demon’s Breath (Noxious Breath) (1 or 2 Targets)

To release sulfurous fumes that nauseate and sicken.

Circuit Hexes

Strict Requirements: An electronic device or a ring of conductive material.

Raising her face and hands to the sky, Harlequin calls a violent maniac, which becomes a dancing arc of dangerous-looking electricity.

Basic Hexes

Laughing Gremlin Curse (Accident) (1 Target)

To make technology work against the target

Current of the Lampshade Veil (Concealment) (Force Targets)

To hide from artificial light

Agony, Misery, Torture (Confusion) (1 Target)

To wrack the target with a blinding migraine.

Choke (Engulf) (1 Target)

To close off a victim’s airways and hold them in place.

Great Kari’s Breath (Movement) (1 Target)

To slow falls and increase jumping distances.

Advanced Hexes

Short Circuit Curse (Elemental Attack) (1 Target)

To cause electrical equipment to short circuit and fail.

Mark of the Storm (Elemental Attack) (1 Target)

To call down lightning from a storm near an enemy.

Great Mjollnir’s Temper (Energy Aura) (1 Target)

To render an electronic object or metal ring immune to damage and to make it cause electrical damage.

Ride of the Nine Kings (Fear) 1 Target)

To cause a shocked character to fear another shock – a lot.

Blue-White Halo (Guard) (Force Targets)

To protect against accidents and malfunctions when using electronics.

Spider Bite Glow (Noxious Breath) (1 or 2 Targets)

To cause painful and debilitating tremors.

Song of the Storm (Weather Control) (Area of Effect)

To call a storm.

Hob Hexes

Strict Requirements: A tool. (not a toy, bauble, display piece, etc)

Promising sweets and other fun things, Harlequin entices a childish imp into a tool, which becomes its toy. It’s a little disappointed, but generally happy, and really wants to have a good time.

By spending an Advanced Hex slot, a hob (or sprite) may be given knowledge of a particular skill related to its toy. It’s rating in the skill is equal to its Force.

By spending an Advanced Hex slot, a hob may be a goblin (low-light vision), a kobold (thermographic vision), a brownie (enhanced hearing), or domovoi (enhanced sense of smell).

Basic Hexes

Gremlins (Accident)

To cause the hob’s toy to break down or fail for someone or during a certain situation.

Sovereign Goblin’s Gum (Binding)

To cause the hob’s toy to stick to someone.

Song of the Boggin Gnome (Movement)

To speed up simple work by a lot, but only when alone.

Advanced Hexes

Ever-Sly Ally (Concealment)

To hide the hob’s toy, even in plain sight.

Provoke the Idle Hand (Influence)

To make the person holding the hob’s toy need to use it immediately.

Animating Management (Psychokinesis)

To allow the hob’s toy to use itself, and even to move around on its own.


Will’o’Wisps are simple creatures which are invoked slightly differently than great powers. Will’o’wisps aren’t limited by services, but they are temporary. They don’t roll to resist summoning, but they only last 1 hour for each success on the summoning roll. Harlequin can choose to limit the will’o’wisp’s life span to minimize drain (minimum 1 drain).

Will’o’wisps always have 1 Force, and all of their Attributes are 1. They have only 3 skills: Assensing, Astral Combat, and Dodge. All of these skills are only rated at 1. They can’t materialize either, but they can manifest to communicate with the physical world. They don’t speak very loudly, but they know any language that Quinn knows, and can even become images (at they quality of a 2d, unmoving photo) that they have seen.

Will’o’wisps aren’t very good at anything, but they are versatile and easy to summon. They make decent spies, messengers, astral trackers, or alarms, and Quinn can have as many will’o’wisps at once equal to her Charisma.


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